Selling Your Solano County Home

Thanks for choosing the #1 Team in Keller Williams Vaca Valley, the Andrew Lamb Real Estate Team to sell your home.  We don't believe in the same old List it and Pray marketing plan that is all too common in our industry.

"We had great results! Andrew came in and was able to get our house sold with multiple offers in just 24 hours of being on the market. He brought in a professional videographer & photographer to help make our house stand out, so I'd say he was able to market our home in a way that the previous agent could not." - Sandra & Glenn Durrance

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What Are Your Goals?

Why are you selling?  Where are you going?  How fast do you need it done?  Aside from price, what other goals do you have for the sale of your home? What are the challenges you have faced?   What is unique about your home?  Who is the most likely buyer?

These are the types of questions we dive into when assessing the sale of your Solano County home through an in-depth needs and goals analysis. Every situation is different and we make sure that your needs are heard and addressed. A cookie cutter strategy is not right for everyone so let us customize a plan for you that compliments your goals.

Selling For More

As stated above, if you want to sell your Solano County home for more you need to align yourself with a team and marketing plan that goes well beyond the old and tired List it and Pray Marketing plan that seemingly 99% of other agents employ.  It is no wonder that the average agent in our MLS last year sold only 3.1 homes!  Yikes.  The Andrew Lamb Team sold over $18 million worth of real estate in 2017 alone and is in the top 3% of sales teams nationally.  Our experience and track records means MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!

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The Three P's of Effective Home Selling

When selecting an agent you will want to make sure that they have a solid and proven strategy with a deep track record behind each of these elements.  These are the three things that an agent can do that will make a HUGE IMPACT on the sale of your home.

      1. Presentation - We need to make sure to win the beauty contest.  When a buyer is searching online for a home they are often overwhelmed by how many properties there are to choose from.  Human nature makes it so that they create ways of filtering through all of the available listings and are able to decide on which ones to see in person.  Fortunately for us, most agents put only minimal effort into the presentation phase of the sales process and they often don't even pay for professional photography.  We make sure to stand apart from the crowd by having the most BEAUTIFUL REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY that is GUARANTEED to attract more eyeballs and compel a home buyer to select your home out of a crowd.  We will often also incorporate sunset shoots and professionally produced video for your home.  The idea is to make buyers fall in love with your home before they have even seen it.   The showing process then simply becomes a process of validating those previously conceived feelings.

      2. Prospecting - This is the difference between ACTIVE VS PASSIVE MARKETING.  This is where the Andrew Lamb Team truly stands out from the crowd.  We are one of the very few teams in the Solano County area that have a daily dedication to prospecting on behalf of our listing clients.  In fact, we have multiple team members who make outbound phone calls throughout the entire day with the task of generating interest for our home sellers.  And once we have these people on the phone what do we do?  We send them a world-class visual presentation that we developed in the bullet point above! 

        By the way, we do the same thing with the agents.  When we bring a home to the market, we don't just slap it on the MLS and wait for a call.  Instead, we put it on and then call every agent that has sold a home in your area over the last 12 months to make them aware of your listing. That extra effort goes a long way!

      3. Price - When used intelligently, price can be one of the most powerful marketing tools available to your home.  We have developed a set of unique pricing strategies that are proven to increase activity and get you TOP DOLLAR.  Let price work in your favor by choosing a strategically effective price that works in harmony with the greater marketing plan.  We will show you how!

"My husband and I relocated to another state and needed our house sold fast. Andrew gave us great advice on how to prepare the home for photos, and soon after we were on the market. Our house went up on a Thursday, had an open house on a Saturday, and we received a call the following MONDAY with numerous offers. Andrew and his team were very professional and our house was sold (from first meeting with him to the check in our hands) within 2 months. I highly recommend this team. They did a fantastic job with communication, even though we were in another state at the time of closing." - Beverly & Sean Lee

Find out what your home could sell for today! 

In today's market, it's more critical than ever to price your home right. We know how to price your property to make sure it sells. If you're curious about your home's value in today's market, just fill out the form below and we'll send you a free Comparative Market Analysis.

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